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1.MODELS:Any front engine, 4-cylinder car with a maximum wheel base of one hundred four (104) inches and a complete stock body, frame and suspension.No skirting around bottom of car.No air dams allowed.No rub bars allowed.May replace grill area with flat plastic or sheet metal.No bracing of any kind.No rotary engines allowed.Engine must be stock for make and model.No quick-release steering wheels allowed unless permanently attached.No bracing anywhere except inside the driverís compartment.Dash, steering and pedals must remain stock for that make and model.All insulation under hood must be removed.No skinning of inside body panels, trunks or hoods.Exception:Driverís door may be skinned for door bars.Exhaust pipe must be minimum of two (2) feet.VIN number must remain in place.No added weight allowed.Must be self-starter and in working order.No D.O.H.C. engines allowed.(Only one cam per head allowed)


2.CARBURETOR and FUEL:Stock carburetor/fuel injection system for that make and model.Must retain choke plate and shafts.No turbo chargers.Pump gas only.NO RACING FUEL.


3.TRANSMISSION:Stock transmission for that make and model.


4.BATTERY: Batteries are covered under General Rules, #19.


5.REAR END:Stock unaltered rear end for that make and model.


6.TIRES AND WHEELS:Passenger tires and wheels only.Tires and wheels must be of like size, all numbers must match.No 60- or 65- series tires.No low profile tires. No grooving, siping or softening allowed.DOT street tires only.No off-road tires allowed.


7.DOORS:All doors must be secured by welding, bolting, etc.


8.GAS TANK:If stock gas tank is used, must be in stock location.May be replaced with a fuel cell or boat tank (max of 8 gallons).Fuel cell/boat tank must be covered, secured and located in trunk.Must be safe.If fuel cell is used in trunk, must have fire wall between trunk and interior.Hoop to protect fuel tank allowed.May be attached under rear bumper only.May not be attached to roll cage.


9.COMPONENTS:All glass must be removed.Dash and all components under dash must remain in place, with exception of radio, which must be removed.


10. CLAIM RULE:Any driver who finishes in the top ten on the lead lap may claim any of the top three (3) finishers of the feature.The claim is seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) plus your car.Driver keeps seat, belts, and tires.If tire service is used on either car then claiming driver must pay any tire fees incurred.


Any driver wishing to make a claim must have taken the checkered flag on evening of claim.The claim must be made with a cashierís check made payable to Shadyhill Speedway and turned over to Pit Steward within five (5) minutes after all top seven (7) cars are in tech area.Car of claiming driver must be under its own power to tech area.Only driver, car owner, and officials are allowed in tech area when car is being claimed.If no claim is posted five (5) minutes after top seven (7) cars are in tech, no claim can be made.


No driver can make more than two (2) claims within the same year.A driver can claim the same driverís car only one (1) time during the same year and a driver can only be claimed two (2) times during the same year.If a claim is refused, it is not held against the claiming driver.

In order to claim, the claiming driver must have raced at least half ( Ĺ ) of current seasonís events or at least three (3) consecutive feature events of current season at track.No claim may be made against a driver on his / her first night of racing at the track.


Refusal to sell forfeits all cash, trophies, and feature points for eveningís events as well as a two (2) week suspension of driver and car from competition in division.


The motivation behind claiming is to keep the prices affordable and create competitive racing.


11.ROLL CAGE:Full 4-post roll cage must be used.Must have minimum of three (3) door bars in driverís side with a plate.The front bar of cage, running side to side, must pass over the top of steering column.Cross bars allowed.Bars passing through cage allowed.


12.INSPECTION:All cars are subject to inspection at any time.Must have tools for tear down.Failure to be able to tear down is subject to disqualification.


13.SAFETY:Approved racing safety belts, shoulder harness and racing seat required.Must be quick release type belts.Must be securely fastened to car frame or roll cage.Driverís safety equipment specifications covered in General Rules.It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare their car free of defects and in a safe racing condition.No fuel lines of any kind allowed inside interior of car.Must be steel fuel line.


14.NUMBERING / IDENTIFICATION:Car number must be at least twenty (20) inches tall and be in a contrasting color on doors and roof.No duplicate numbers.No metallic paint.


15.NEXT FEATURE FOR TEEN-4 FEATURE WINNER:The winner of the Teen-4 feature will begin at the back of his/her next feature race.Driver has the option of racing in their heat for points.


16.DRIVERíS AGE:Teen-4 driverís age minimum is twelve (12) years of age and the age maximum is nineteen (19) years of age at the beginning of the current season.

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